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Our showroom experience is available on the mobile web.
Open your photo app and scan the QR code provided.

High-quality metaverse solutions for brand marketing that do not require app installation, ensuring easy accessibility

  1. 01FAST

    It allows users to play within 2 seconds on a web/in-app browser without leaving the brand app/site.

  2. 02LINK

    It is easy to distribute and promote content by delivering URLs via KakaoTalk channel, text, or SNS link to target users, ensuring virality.

  3. 03High Quality

    It enables you to showcase graphic quality that is difficult to run on smartphones, allowing businesses to utilize the metaverse for marketing.

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Things you can do with showroom:

Organize content in your metaverse and leverage it for marketing!

  • Showcase promotional videos

  • Minigames and quests

  • Link 3D displays to purchase pages

  • Unique metaverse-only effects

  • Enable various avatar interactions

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Experience Center 1.

Sports Shop

Earn coupons by completing quests.
Showcase products and connect to purchase pages!

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Experience Center 2.

Ayo Town

Create and connect versatile spaces for various uses.
Showcase promotional video ads and design a unique space.

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Utilize the metaverse for marketing!

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